Overseas Investment Office and Immigration update

James Cameron is buying up large!  Looks like the Avatar sequels will all be filmed in NZ.  Although the Crafar deal has OIO approval we certainly haven’t heard the end of it.

There are interesting developments for those wanting to Immigrate to New Zealand under the family sponsorship categories.  Basically a 2 tiered system will replace the current “center of gravity” system and people will be prioritised if they can meet any of the following:

1.   a guaranteed life-time minimum income of $27,203 ($39,890 for a couple); or

2.   Funds of $500,000.00 that can be brought to NZ; or

3.   A sponsoring adult child who has an income of $65,000.00 ($90,000.00 if combined with the income of the sponsoring child’s spouse).

Please do not hesitate to contact Goldman Legal on +64 3 441 2141 should you have any queries in relaiton to the above.