Overseas Investment and International Clients

New Zealand welcomes foreign investment, and has always been an attractive place to invest in due to stable and transparent government and business practices. Business transactions over NZ$100 million and certain types of land require approval from the Overseas Investment Office (“OIO”). Goldman Legal has a perfect track record of successful applications to the OIO which can be viewed here (type Elliot Goldman in the keyword search box).

We can advise you whether the land you wish to purchase is considered ‘sensitive’ and the steps required to obtain consent. Our extensive Immigration experience compliments OIO applications. If you are an overseas investor, or a vendor planning to sell to overseas investors, we can assist with:

  • Preparing OIO applications for consent, including advice and assistance with investment business plans and financial projections
  • ‘Sensitive land’ advice and due diligence investigations
  • Potential immigration considerations
  • Advice regarding ‘benefit’ factors required for properties such as high country rural and lifestyle properties
  • Strategic advice about criteria for approval
  • Referral to key advisers and parties required for the specific investment
  • Applications for exemptions
  • Ongoing compliance

We also offer the following ancillary services:

  • Establishing New Zealand incorporated entity to purchase land or conduct business in New Zealand
  • Purchase of property by Australian Pty Company
  • New Zealand resident director services for New Zealand companies with overseas shareholders